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Take a position in cryptocurrency for your business.

STRI Labs helps exchange revenue
for cryptocurrency.

Revenue to Crypto

Onboard to Crypto!

Take a position and onboard your business to cryptocurrency. 

Be it a fraction of your sales or converting a percentage of your existing reserves, STRI Labs provides a quick and easy way to onboard to cryptocurrency

Ditch the hassle to create a corporate exchange account

If you want to get your own corporate account on an exchange, it will entail an intrusive financial examination of your company’s board of directors and all
major shareholders.


It’s a time taking process which can take many weeks if not months to get approved and offered.

Why should you choose STRI Labs?

For businesses, purchasing and managing cryptocurrency can be a full-time job which requires a certain skill set similar to having an IT expert.


We are your geek squad for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency enabling you to easily take a position in this entirely new asset class and technology. We exchange revenue for cryptocurrency and advise our clients on wallets and conducting business operations using cryptocurrency.

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