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Empowering Businesses with Crypto

Dear Mr. CFO,

My name is Jim Fox. I am CEO of STRI Lab’s. Our mission is to help businesses get onboarded and ready to navigate the crypto economy, and this fall will be a critical year. Businesses will need to take a position in Crypto assets, lest they become subject to the same fate of the business that did not embrace the internet soon enough. But it’s not easy.

Trying to get an Enterprise account on Coinbase is a nightmare, much less navigating custody of your own multi signature wallets with trusted stakeholders. A bigger problem is purchasing large amounts of Crypto currency such as Bitcoin without moving the market or drawing unnecessary attention to your move.

That is where STRI Labs comes in: founded by seasoned technology executives and the next generation of innovators in design and finance, with the goal of bringing Safety, Trust, Reputation and Identity to the crypto economy.

We will be your crypto buying desk as well as your trusted consultants on how to properly manage your custody wallets. Think of us as your Geek Squad for crypto. Businesses that embrace crypto will thrive in the next decade; those who do not will undoubtedly meet the fate of those well known names of the last century.

Let’s set up a time to have a quick phone call to discuss.

All the best,

Jim Fox

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