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Don’t Get Left Behind in the Crypto Economy.

Back in 1995, I went to work for Information Access Corp or as we called it IAC. You will not find much information about IAC these days. It seems to have been scrubbed from history or at least as far as Google searches are concerned. However at the time it was a 500 million dollar company(1990’s money) with 100’s of employees. I was excited to be part of the consumer launch team for a product called Cognito, the company's first foray into the Internet and World Wide Web.

After we launched the $6.95 a month ‘all you can eat’ portal for access articles and periodicals in 1996, we immediately started to see strong demand and traction. However, within a week and a half the President of Information Access stepped in and shut the whole project down, laying off the entire department with the exception of myself.

Instead of embracing this new found opportunity and sales channel, the management got afraid of the world wide web. In their wisdom they decided to shut down the only position they had that would have made Information Access a major player in how business and consumers access information online.

For myself I transferred to a different sales division that continued to do business the old way. I watched the sales people make top dollar commissions by calling existing customers and convincing them that they are paying less for the existing products. The Director of Sales drove three cars, one of them was a red Ferrari. But only until the internet revolution changed the whole landscape.

Business must embrace the crypto economy and take a position now-

Today if you are a C level executive at a large enterprise you are at similar crossroads. Do not let fear and inaction of the crypto set your enterprise up for obscurity. You must absolutely take a position in the Crypto economy now. Will it unfold exactly like the Internet in the 1990's? Of course not. However there are a lot of similarities and this train has already left the station 10 years ago and is building up steam rapidly over the next few months and year. Just like millennials and Gen Y grew up with computers and devices connected to the internet, “an entire generation, already born, is unlikely to ever have a relationship with a traditional bank and will manage #cryptocurrency wallets before ever using a credit card or paper cash."1

STRI Labs is here to help. We are founded by seasoned technology executives and the next generation of innovators in design and finance, with the goal of bringing Safety, Trust, Reputation and Identity to the crypto economy.

We will be your crypto buying desk as well as your trusted consultants on how to properly manage your custody wallets. Think of us as your Geek Squad for crypto. Businesses that embrace crypto will thrive in the next decade; those who do not will undoubtedly meet the fate of those well known names of the last century, and those you can’t find on a Google search for anymore.

Jim Fox



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