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Are you Crypto Curious?

Are you at all curious as to how you could take a position in Bitcoin, be it cash or other methods?

Back in 2010 when I was building what today would be considered an NFT trading platform for comic books, my CTO was mining Bitcoin on his laptop. I was crypto curious, but not curious enough to follow up and take a position in crypto for myself. What stopped me? Fear! I was afraid it would distract me from the exciting task at hand.

And after watching the Bitcoin and crypto evolution for the last 11 years, I can confirm though I was not a super early adopter because of the fear. We are still very early in what will be the most disruptive and productive innovation this century. But my fears have been assuaged by actively participating in the most intriguing opportunity to come across my 30+ year tech career.

If you are looking for short term gains, this is not for you. But if you think like a Venture Capitalist who is looking for 10x+ returns over the long run, you are still early in buying into a truly unique asset opportunity that will give returns that were only available to a select few before.

Many fear the price swings, for example, Bitcoin is down over 3% today (11.9.21) and has had a bad week down 13.88% on the week as of this posting. If you zoom out for the year it is up 165% which is still not as good as the 200%-300% range I have been seeing all year. However, if you are very curious you will know that the number of Bitcoin is fixed - there will never be more than 21 million. Currently, 900 bitcoin a day are being mined and that number will be cut in half in 2024 and four years after that cut in half again. This cycle goes on until 2140 - no that is not a typo, it is 2140 or 119 years from this post!

What’s even more interesting is that for the last 19 months the amount Bitcoin available for trading has gone down (see chart below).

And this is why I say we are still very early, just not super early. Bitcoin’s popularity as an investment asset will surely grow. Banking giant Fidelity is working to let institutions borrow cash against Bitcoin. The businesses that have Bitcoin and Crypto assets on their balance sheet will be in a far better position in the future when in need of mezzanine financing or other short term finance needs. Plus adoption is growing at a steady clip. There are many who are looking to make short term huge profits as traders however increasingly the population who are crypto curious come to understand the value of long term holding with the view that holding Bitcoin and Crypto assets is like holding digital real estate.

However, as a business, being able to buy crypto on exchanges is immensely complicated and will continue to be harder and harder as demand out matches supplies. But don’t let the fear dampen your curiosity into inaction. You will surely buy into the crypto economy in the next few years. The question is how high and how difficult?

STRI Labs was formed for the growing community of the “crypto curious” to onboard companies that want to leverage the crypto economy for their business. Whether it’s converting cash reserves to cryptocurrency, enabling crypto transactions with your customers, or simply benefiting from the upside of investing in crypto, we make it easy and seamless for you.

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