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Meet the STRI Labs Team!


We are founded by seasoned technology executives and the next generation of innovators in design and finance, with the goal of bringing Safety, Trust, Reputation, and Identity to the crypto economy.


Jim Fox

Seasoned startup executive. 


Past CEO, VP, and Director who broke open new markets and partnerships in mobile, enterprise computing, games, media, etc. 


Increased organizational value through management, raising capital, and strategic partnerships.

George Ludwig

Avid crypto miner of ETH and XCH


25+ years of software development & engineering leadership

CTO and Co-Founder of Field, Gateway Cohort 2

Current Product Development Manager leading a
team of 12 engineers at


Emily Hilldore

CFO for a global non-profit with $50 million in liquid assets and an annual spending budget of $6M.


Saved $2M and secured $4M during critical covid shutdown year when traditional revenue streams went to zero.


Focus on strategic financial management, scenario budgeting, and cost accounting.


MBA Loyola University

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